Saturday, May 12, 2012

Italian men love black women?

Well, I just got back from a two week trip in Italy and these Italian men were all over me and my friend, but less so to the other girls with us. My friend and I are black women, the others where Asian and Hispanic. I get the same reaction when I visit my God sister in south Bronx by Italian men there. I've heard Italian men like ALL women, but have a particular interest in Black women.

I don't know how to ask this, but is it true? Do Italians love/like Black women, or a rumor? Please no racist comments, thanx

Answer on Italian men love black women?

There are many stereotypes about italian men and their sexuality. I am speaking only of italians in italy as well as italians who grew up in strictly italian cultual neighborhoods. The one thing that I have concluded is italian's are competitive and like to try and attract anything that is exotic and beautiful. Men naturally can have competition to get women but the italian stereotype implies that italians are even more competitive about picking up exotic beauties than other guys.

In my experience, italian men love beautiful black women. In my old neighborhood, there were quite a few mixed kids whose fathers were italian. Note, that I said father. If you want to read between the lines here, I will further note that alot their fathers never married there mothers. Fortunately, today inter racial relationships are more acceptable amongst the italian culture and, if you want, you may just catch yourself a hot italian man.